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fluentd with elastic search and json string log parsing plugin
Full Description


The container to send all containers' logs to an Elasticsearch container.


Simple run:
docker run -d --name some_cool_name oosidat/fluentd-elasticsearch-container
Run in vagrant box alongside other docker containers
  • Ensure that there's an ElasticSearch container running at port 9200
  • Run fluentd container:
    docker run --net=host -d --name some_cool_name oosidat/fluentd-elasticsearch-container
  • Ensure that other containers (which need to send logs) have their log driver set to fluentd
Supported Environment Variables

Pass using -e in docker run or using the environment key using docker-compose

Name Description Default
ES_HOST ElasticSearch host localhost
ES_PORT ElasticSearch port 9200
ES_INDEX ElasticSearch index name fluentd
ES_TYPE ElasticSearch index type fluentd
MATCH_PATTERN fluentd matching pattern, used in <filter> & <match> docker.**
FLUENTD_OPT other options for running fluent none (empty)
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