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elasticsearch Dockerfile

This repository contains the Dockerfile and the configuration files of ElasticSearch for Docker.

Base Docker Image


docker pull swcc/docker-elasticsearch .

or build it yourself:

docker build -t swcc/docker-elasticsearch .


To run a single ES node, simply run a container with this image:

docker run swcc/docker-elasticsearch

You can now use your ES node via it's IP address. E.g. http://172.17.0.X:9200


Expose the ES port

docker run -p 9200:9200 swcc/docker-elasticsearch

So you can directly access your ES node via http://localhost:9200/

Launch an ES cluster

Run two nodes by passing the same ES_CLUSTER_NAME environment variable like this:

docker run -p 9200:9200 -e ES_CLUSTER_NAME=es-cluster swcc/docker-elasticsearch

docker run -p 9201:9200 -e ES_CLUSTER_NAME=es-cluster swcc/docker-elasticsearch

Install the ES head plugin

Simply add the ES_HEAD_PLUGIN=true enviroment variable when running your ES node. This will install the elasticsearch-head plugin.

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