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Docker RabbitMQ Server

Then, build the Docker container:

# cd into the git repository
cd /path/to/repo/docker-rabbitmq
docker build -t rabbitmq .    # Build a Docker image named "rabbitmq" from this location "."
# wait for it to build...

# Run the docker container
docker run -p 5672:5672 -name rabbitmq -d rabbitmq -v /tmp/rabbitmq:/var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia /sbin/my_init 

[] options means they are optional

  • docker run - starts a new docker container
    • -p 5672:5672 - Binds the local port 5672 to the container's port 5672, so a local.
    • -d rabbitmq - Use the image tagged "rabbitmq"
    • [] -v /tmp/rabbitmq:/var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia - Use a local directory to persist rabbitmq data
    • [] -e USER=myuser -e PASSWORD=mypwd -e VHOST=myvhost - Creates a user and an associated vhost on startup
    • /sbin/my_init - Run the init scripts used to kick off long-running processes and other bootstrapping, as per phusion/baseimage-docker
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