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Makefile to use as a simple interface for Terraform
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Makefile for Terraform users

This repository provides a Makefile to give you a simple interface for Terraform.


  • Simplify your CLI terraform runs
  • Don't Repeat Yourself while typing terraform commands
  • Easier adoption for people that are not used to Terraform
  • Document common usage
  • Unique entrypoint script for credentials management (only for AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, Google and Scaleway for now)
    • either passing ENV variables. E.g. <PROVIDER>_<ENV>_SECRET will be mapped to DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN if provider=do is provided as variable
    • either using pass as local secret manager. E.g. password terraform/<provider>/<env>/secret will be mapped to DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN if provider=do is provided as variable
    • either using vault as distributed secret manager (Only for AWS credentials for now). E.g. by using VAULT_ADDR and either VAULT_ROLE_ID + VAULT_SECRET_ID or directly a VAULT_TOKEN your credentials will automatically be fetched into your vault.


Package install

(for now packages are only published in Github releases)

dpkg -i tf-make_<version>.deb

Manual install

Simply download the Makefile and the files in safe place.

mkdir -p /opt/terraform
cd /opt/terraform
wget -N{Makefile,}

Then you will need to add the tf-make binary (it's a simple bash script) in your $PATH. WARNING: you'll need to change the Makefile path in the tf-make file.


This makefile assumes your terraform configuration files are stored as such:

├── aws
│   ├── prod
│   │   └──
│   └── test
│       └──
├── do
│   └── prod
│       └──
├── google
│   ├── prod
│   │   └──
│   └── test
│       └──
└── scaleway
    └── prod

I.e. providers/<provider>/<env>/*.tf


List of commands made available

> make
Terraform-makefile v0.11.8

console                        Console infra resources
destroy                        Destroy resources
dry-run                        Dry run resources changes
import                         Import infra resources
install                        Install terraform and dependencies
lint                           Rewrites config to canonical format
refresh                        Refresh infra resources
run                            Execute resources changes
show                           List infra resources
state                          Inspect or change the remote state of your resources
taint                          Taint infra resources
validate                       Basic syntax check
workspace                      Workspace infra resources


Details of the variables that can be passed to commands:

Name Default Values Description Example
provider - aws<br/>azure<br/>do<br/>google<br/>scaleway Name of the cloud provider to target With your terraform file in provider/aws/production/ you will be able to make dry-run provider=aws env=production
env - String Name of the environment you want to use With a terraform file in provider/google/production/ you will be able to make dry-run provider=google env=production
args - String Add terraform understandable arguments make dry-run args='-no-color'
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