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An Ubuntu 12.04 based Pebble smartwatch development environment.

SDK Redistribution

As the SDK cannot be redistributed in the auto-built docker container it is
fetched when the image is first run and the ToS has been accepted.

The resulting complete container can then be commited into a new image.


  • docker run -ti --name with-sdk swid/pebble-dev
  • Accept the ToS and wait for the SDK to install
  • (Optional: echo export >> ~/.bashrc)
  • docker commit with-sdk pebble-dev
  • docker rm with-sdk

Now you can use the pebble-dev image as intended.


By default an interactive bash for the user 'pebble' is spawned.

docker run -ti --name my-pebble-project pebble-dev

Tell the SDK where to find your phone if you didn't do it during setup
export PEBBLE_PHONE=192.168.x.y

The SDK bin directory is in the PATH, so you can just use the pebble command

To re-start a previous session run:

docker start -ai my-pebble-project

Ping your Pebble

Ping the pebble
pebble ping

That should be it


  • Find out how to use a direct bluetooth connection (Forward the /dev/rfcomm device to the container?)
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