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FreeRADIUS 3.x server image with integrated Mobile ID and LDAP/Active Directory support.
Full Description

freeradius-mobileid docker image

Lightweight and fast FreeRADIUS 3.x server Docker image with integrated Mobile ID and LDAP/Active Directory support.


To start:

 $ docker run --name freeradius-mobileid -d \
   -e AP_ID=mid:// \
   -e AP_PREFIX="Test" \
   -e CLIENT_PWD=ThisMustStaySecret \
   -e LDAP_SERVER=ldap:// \
   -e LDAP_USERID=CN=SystemLDAP,CN=Users,DC=org,DC=acme,DC=com \
   -e LDAP_PWD=ThisMustStaySecret \
   -e LDAP_BASEDN=CN=Users,DC=org,DC=acme,DC=ch \
   -v "/home/user/apcert.crt":/opt/freeradius/certs/mycert.crt \
   -v "/home/user/apcert.key":/opt/freeradius/certs/mycert.key \
   -p 1812:1812/udp \
   -p 1813:1813/udp \

optional environment settings:

   -e LDAP_UPDATE=enabled \
   -e LDAP_ATTR_MOBILE=mobile \
   -e LDAP_ATTR_LANGUAGE=preferredLanguage \
   -e LDAP_ATTR_SNOFDN=msNPCallingStationID \
   -e UNIQUEID_CHECK=ifset \
   -e ALLOWED_MCC="228,295" \

Infos about the -e settings:

  • AP_ID: AP customer/client identification towards Mobile ID service
  • AP_PREFIX: AP prefix that will be added to the message sent to the mobile
  • CLIENT_PWD: Radius client password / shared secret
  • LDAP_SERVER: Active Directory / LDAP server address in the form ldap://ipOrDNS
  • LDAP_USERID: UserID used to bind in order to search/update user objects
  • LDAP_PWD: Password for the related UserID
  • LDAP_BASEDN: Base DN where to search for user objects
  • LDAP_UPDATE: Update user object with proper Mobile ID SerialNumber of the DN
  • LDAP_ATTR_MOBILE: Attribute with the mobile number (default: mobile)
  • LDAP_ATTR_LANGUAGE: Attribute with the preferred user language (default: preferredLanguage)
  • LDAP_ATTR_SNOFDN: Attribute with the Mobile ID SerialNumber in the DN (default: msNPCallingStationID)
  • DEFAULT_LANGUAGE: Default language if not set or invalid [en (default), de, fr, it]
  • UNIQUEID_CHECK: Unique Mobile ID (SN of DN) verification [ifset (default), required, ignore]
  • ALLOWED_MCC: List of comma separated allowed Mobile Country Codes


 $ echo "User-Name=samaccountname,User-Password='ADUserPwd'" | radclient -x -t 120 auth ThisMustStaySecret

Show logs

 $ docker logs freeradius-mobileid
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