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SwyxWare CPE Docker Image
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SwyxWare Docker image Technical Preview

This is a Windows Server Core based image which can be used on a Windows Server 2016. It contain a complete SwyxWare (without SwyxGate).

How to run the image

To easily deploy the SwyxWare image and a SQLExpress image run the Start-IpPbxDockerDeployment.ps1 script ( from an elevated PowerShell prompt on a Windows Server 2016 system. It will do the following:

  1. Prompt for all necessary information like IP addresses, SQL and SwyxWare Credentials
  2. Enable Docker on the server if not already present
  3. Pull Operating System Base Image
  4. Create a transparent container network on the host
  5. Start the SQLExpress and SwyxWare image

To run and configure the image manuall see the following instructions.

Environment Variables

The SwyxWare image supports a couple of parameters you have set when running the image manually

Environment Variable Required Default when not net Description
SQLSERVERINSTANCE yes - Name of sqlserver instance.
SQLADMINUSER no "sa" SQL Admin login name (used to create/update SwyxWare Database)
SQLADMINPASSWORD yes - SQL Admin login password
SQLIPPBXDATABASENAME no "ippbx" SwyxWare Database name
SQLIPPBXUSER no "ippbx_user" SwyxWare Database SQL Login. Used by SwyxWare to access the database
SQLIPPBXPASSWORD no (random) SwyxWare Database SQL login password. Random password is created when not set
IPPBXADMINUSER no (none) SwyxWare Administrator user name. If not set no SwyxWare Administrator will be created
IPPBXADMINPASSWORD no (none) SwyXWare Administrator password.If not set no SwyxWare Administrator will be created
VERBOSE no false Verbose logging. IpPbxConfig.exe log will be logged to container log if set

Data Volumes

The SwyxWare image automatically creates docker data volumes for the following container folder.

Folder Description
c:\programdata\swyx\traces Traces files
c:\programdata\swyx\memorydumps swyxware process memeory dumps
c:\programdata\swyx\licenses licenses
c:\programdata\swyx\CDRs Call Detail Records

if nothing is specified when running the container docker automatically creates volumes with random ID. It is therefore recommended to either specify folder mappings on the command line or created names volumes. See below for details

Map host folder

To map the above mentioned container folder to folders on the host specify appropriate mappings on the docker run command line, e.g.

(Note: The commandline omits specifying required environment variables, network name, container and host name for brevity)

docker run --volume C:\data\Traces:c:\ProgramData\Swyx\Traces --volume C:\data\MemoryDumps:c:\ProgramData\Swyx\MemoryDumps --volume C:\data\Licenses:c:\ProgramData\Swyx\Licenses --volume C:\data\CDRs:c:\ProgramData\Swyx\CDRs swyx/swyxware-cpe:11.00

Use named data volume

Instead of mapping host folders you can create named docker volumes like this:

docker volume create ippbxtraces
docker volume create ippbxdumps
docker volume create ippbxlicense
docker volume create ippbxcdrs

then specify the volumes on the docker run command line

(Note: The commandline omits to specify required environment variables, network name, container and host name for brevity)

docker run --volume ippbxtraces:c:\ProgramData\Swyx\Traces --volume ippbxdumps:c:\ProgramData\Swyx\MemoryDumps --volume ippbxlicenses:c:\ProgramData\Swyx\Licenses --volume ippbxcdrs:c:\ProgramData\Swyx\CDRs swyx/swyxware-cpe:11.00

Transparent Container Network

The SwyxWare Container requires a transparent network without NAT. You create it using the docker network command. A transparent network requires to define a subnet and default gateway. The subnet has to be the same or smaller than the hosts subnet. The default gateway usually is the same as the hosts default gateway.

Create a transparent container network

Create a transparent docker network named "ippxnet" with subnet 192.168.100/24, default gateway

docker network create --driver=transparent --ipv6=false --subnet= --gateway= ippbxnet

Run run the SwyxWar container in that network specify parameter --network=ippbxnet on the docker run command line

Docker Pull Command