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This is a single Docker Image which includes utilities for Continuous Delivery.
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NASEBANAL Delivery Kit

This is a single Docker Image which includes whole set required to use utilities for Continuous Delivery.
You can create same image from the following Chef Recipe as you like.

GitHub - nb-deliverykit's Recipe


  • CentOS 6.6
  • chef-solo 12.0.3
  • wichi 2.19
  • tar 1.23
  • OpenJDK 1.7.0
  • Open SSH 5.3
  • RVM 1.26.9
  • Ruby 2.1.3
  • Apache Web Server 2.2.15
  • MySQL Server 5.1.73
  • Subversion 1.6.11
  • Maven 1.25
  • Jenkins 1.596

(Added in ver0.2)

  • ImageMagick
  • OpenLDAP Server (slap) 2.4.39
  • OpenLDAP Clients 2.4.39
  • PHP LDAP Admin 1.2.3

[How To Use]
Step.1) Download Docker Image.
# docker pull syatsuzuka/nb-deliverykit:<Tag>

Step.2) Launch Docker image.
# docker run -p --priviledged -it --name <Docker Container Name> syatsuzuka/nb-deliverykit:<Tag> /bin/bash

Step.3) Start services.
# cd /var/chef-repo
# chef-solo -c solo.js -j node/start.js

Step.4) Apply sample methodology packs
# chef-solo -c solo.js -j node/sample.js

(If you want to restart services, you can use the following command)
# chef-solo -c solo.js -j node/restart.js

[Initial Password]
OS ROOT User: root / root
LDAP ROOT User: cn=Manager,dc=my-domain,dc=com / osdk_admin
mySQL Admin User: root / osdk_admin
Redmine Admin User: admin / admin

For ver0.2, you can access LDAP admin window from "http://<Host Name>:<Port No>/phpldapadmin".

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