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Docker distribution for Orange.
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Orange in Docker

This is an unofficial Docker image for Orange distribution.

What is Orange?

API Gateway based on OpenResty.

How to use this image

First, orange requires a running mysql cluster before it starts. You can either use the official MySQL containers, or use your own.

Using docker-compose (Recommend)

  • start a Orange container + its dependencies (mysql)
$ docker-compose run --service-ports --rm orange
# or
$ make run

Run in debug mode (bash) :

$ make debug-run

Common used commands

  1. docker-compose up Bootstrap a brand new alert service container. if a old container exists, docker compose would reuse it in case of losing data.
  2. docker-compose down Destroy all the containers defined in this compose file.
  3. docker-compose start Start the existed containers.
  4. docker-compose stop Stop the existed containers.
  5. docker-compose restart Restart the existed containers, the new configuration would be applied immediately.
  6. docker-compose run -d --service-ports --rm orange Almost the same with docker-compose up.

Start orange step by step

  • Run a MySQL container
docker run --name orange-database -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=your_root_pwd -e MYSQL_DATABASE=orange -p 3306:3306 mysql:5.7

This is not only way to get a runing mysql for orange, but for some dns issue, running a docker-mysql could simplify
the process of running a orange instance.

  • Runing a orange instance and initialize database scheme.

Modify the {block} content, and execute it.

ORANGE_INIT_DB variable would be deployment friendly on production.

docker run -d --name orange \
    --link orange-database:orange-database \
    -p 7777:7777 \
    -p 8888:80 \
    -p 9999:9999 \
    --security-opt seccomp:unconfined \
    -e ORANGE_DATABASE={your_database_name} \
    -e ORANGE_HOST=orange-database \
    -e ORANGE_PORT={your_database_port} \
    -e ORANGE_USER={your_database_user} \
    -e ORANGE_PWD={your_database_password} \

Access orange dashboard (Default Username: admin, Default Password: orange_admin)

Relative Link's

  1. Orange Dashboard
  2. Orange API Endpoint
  3. Orange Gateway Access Endpoint

Operation Your Orange

docker exec -it orange orange COMMAND [OPTIONS]

The commands are:

start   Start the Orange Gateway
stop    Stop current Orange
reload  Reload the config of Orange
restart Restart Orange
version Show the version of Orange
help    Show help tips

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