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Use and deploy this stack

To run it, you need Docker >= 1.10, and docker-compose

Clone this repo with submodules

  • git clone --recursive

Update submodules after git pull

  • git submodule update --init --recursive

Pull or build

Run either one of the following to build the images yourself, or pull them from Docker Hub:

docker-compose build # build the images yourself
# *or* ...
docker-compose pull  # pull the images from Docker Hub

Configure and run locally

Edit docker-compose.override.yml as needed to configure your preferred local port mappings, then:

  • docker-compose up: launch the stack
  • docker-compose run tasks load-sample-data-stu2: load sample data for stu2
  • docker-compose run tasks load-sample-data-stu3: load sample data for stu3

Now curl http://localhost:9000/api/fhir/Patient? should return sample data!

By default, you'll have servers running at ports:

  • 9000: SMART EHR server
  • 9006: SMART EHR server (Pointing at HAPI FHIR server version STU3)
  • 9001: Demo app server
  • 9002: For debugging only, the internal HAPI FHIR server
  • 9007: For debugging only, the internal HAPI FHIR server (STU3)
  • 9003: For testing only, the test suite client

Update submodules to latest on GH branches

  • git submodule update --remote

Deploy in prod

For example, see ./deploys/

Docker Pull Command