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Our .net build box
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This is a Docker image to do .NET builds (Mono and .NET Core) for various Syncromatics projects.

Installed tools, utilities, and packages

.NET Core 2.0

This image is based on the microsoft/dotnet:2-sdk Docker image, so it includes all of the .NET Core SDK tools in that image.


The mono-complete package, version 5.4.1, is installed.

Cake Build

A Cake build script and several commonly-used tools and addins are pre-installed. The build script is availale on the PATH as cake and the following tools and addins are installed:

  • Cake.Compression
  • Cake.Docker
  • Cake.FileHelpers
  • Cake.Git
    • Note: this image is built with a workaround for using the system-installed libgit2 binary instead of the package-installed version.
  • Cake.Testing
  • SharpZipLib
  • xunit.runner.console

The tools directory is located at /build/tools.

When running a Cake target inside this container, use cake instead of your repo's copy of (i.e., cake -t TargetName)


A copy of the NuGet CLI, version 4.3.0, is available on the PATH as nuget.

Xamarin Android

To build a Xamarin Android project simple use xabuild in place of msbuild.

Docker Pull Command
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