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Ec2 Consistent Snapshot

How to take an ec2 consistent snapshot of a mongodb database on an amazonaws ubuntu instance using docker.

1. Create an AWS ubuntu instance

  • go to the AWS console on the web browser
  • click on EC2 then instances and click on Launch Instance
  • create an instance based on Ubuntu 13 or 14
  • pass #include to the userdata
  • download .pem file and follow aws instructions to finish creating the instance

2. Getting Started With Docker

  • ssh into the ubuntu instance with the .pem file, your username and public dns
    ssh -i key-pair.pem
  • become the root user
    sudo su
  • use docker to pull and run the mongodb image
    docker run --name sync_mongo -d mongo
  • now run the ec2-consistent-snapshot image and connect it to the mongo container with the following command

    docker run -it -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=accesskey -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=secretaccesskey --volumes-from sync_mongo --link sync_mongo:mongo synctree/ec2-consistent-snapshot bin/bash 

    3. Running Ec2 Consistent Snapshot

  • run the ec2-consistent-snapshot with the following command

    ec2-consistent-snapshot --mongo --mongo-host $MONGO_PORT_27017_TCP_ADDR --mongo-port $MONGO_PORT_27017_TCP_PORT vol-volumeId
    result: snap-somenumber

    -the volumeId is the id of the volume that has the aws instance and the snap-somenumber is the id of the snapshot

It should show that a snapshot is being taken on the aws console on the web browser

Thats it!

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