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gressgraph installer

This docker image can be used to install gressgraph
( on an Ubuntu 14.04 system.

How do I install gressgraph with this?

If you want to install gressgraph into /usr/local/bin, just do this:

docker run --rm -v /usr/local/bin:/target synctree/gressgraph-installer:latest

The synctree/gressgraph-installer container will detect that /target is a
mountpoint, and it will copy the gressgraph binary into it.

In order to run the binary, you'll need to make sure that libgmp10 is available
for the GHC RTS:

sudo apt-get install libgmp10

If you don't trust me, and prefer to extract the gressgraph binary, rather
than allowing my container to potentially wreak havoc into your system's
$PATH, you can also do this:

docker run --rm synctree/gressgraph-installer cat /tmp/gressgraph/gressgraph > /tmp/gressgraph

Then do whatever you want with the binary in /tmp/gressgraph.


  • @jpetazzo for the idea (and docs, ahem) from jpetazzo/nsenter
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