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The nginx-proxy-gen image uses docker-gen to generate reverse proxy configs
for nginx based on the Docker event stream. It assumes a separate container
running nginx and a shared /etc/nginx/conf.d directory between the two


To run an Nginx reverse proxy, you'll need three containers.

First, create a volume container for /etc/nginx/conf.d to be shared between
the nginx-proxy-gen container and the Nginx container.

$ docker run -v /etc/nginx/conf.d --name proxy-conf tianon/true

Next, create an Nginx proxy using the volumes from the first container to allow
conf changes to be shared between the proxy container and the nginx-proxy-gen

$ docker run -d --volumes-from proxy-conf -p 80:80 --name proxy nginx

Last, create an nginx-proxy-gen container, passing the container ID or name
of the proxy, the volumes from the first container, and the host docker.sock:

$ docker run -d -e NGINX_CONTAINER=proxy --volumes-from proxy-conf \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock --name proxy-gen \


See the documentation for jwilder/nginx-proxy
for more information about setting up backend containers to work with this one.

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