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Cross compilation environment for Synology NAS
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spksrc is a cross compilation framework intended to compile and package software for Synology NAS devices. Packages are made available via the SynoCommunity repository_.


Before opening a new issue, check the FAQ_ and search open issues.
If you can't find an answer, or if you want to open a package request, read CONTRIBUTING_ to make sure you include all the information needed for contributors to handle your request.

Setup Development Environment


  • Fork and clone spksrc: git clone ~/spksrc
  • Install Docker on your host OS: Docker installation. A wget-based alternative for linux: Install Docker with wget.
  • Download the spksrc docker container: docker pull synocommunity/spksrc
  • Run the container with docker run -it -v ~/spksrc:/spksrc synocommunity/spksrc /bin/bash

Virtual machine
A virtual machine based on an 64-bit version of Debian stable OS is recommended. Non-x86 architectures are not supported.

  • Install the requirements::

    sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 && sudo apt-get update
    sudo aptitude install build-essential debootstrap python-pip automake libgmp3-dev libltdl-dev libunistring-dev libffi-dev libcppunit-dev ncurses-dev imagemagick libssl-dev pkg-config zlib1g-dev gettext git curl subversion check intltool gperf flex bison xmlto php5 expect libgc-dev mercurial cython lzip cmake swig libc6-i386 libmount-dev libpcre3-dev libbz2-dev
    sudo pip install -U setuptools pip wheel httpie

  • You may need to install some packages from testing like autoconf. Read about Apt-Pinning to know how to do that.

  • Some older toolchains may require 32-bit development versions of packages, e.g. zlib1g-dev:i386


Once you have a development environment set up, you can start building packages, create new ones, or improve upon existing packages while making your changes available to other people.
See the Developers HOW TO_ for information on how to use spksrc.


To support SynoCommunity, you can make a donation to its founder

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When not explicitly set, files are placed under a 3 clause BSD license_

.. _3 clause BSD license:
.. _bug tracker:
.. _Developers HOW TO:
.. _Docker installation:
.. _FAQ:
.. _Install Docker with wget:
.. _SynoCommunity repository:

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