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an Arch Linux image that provides AUR access via pacaur
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An AUR-capable Docker image.


This image is inspired by chrert's docker-arch-yaourt image.

It is intended to be used to manage dependencies from the AUR with pacaur in an otherwise minimal Arch image.


This image is built atop greyltc's very transparent archlinux image, and automatically builds to match each release.

This image provides additionally a user build in the group wheel. /etc/sudoers/ is configured such that users in wheel have sudo privileges without a password, allowing operations like pacaur --noconfirm -S python-flask-git just work for build.

This user can also be used to build your own PKGBUILDs. This image provides the directories /build and /home/build which belong to build. /home/build exists only to contain ~/.gnupg for build (necessary for pacaur and some AUR packages), so PKGBUILDs should be built in subdirectories of /build. $AURDEST is also set to /build, so any packages installed via pacaur will have their source in /build. $PACMAN is set to pacaur, so makepkg will resolve PKGBUILD depends from the AUR using pacaur.


Here's an example Dockerfile using this as a base image:

FROM syntactician/archlinux-pacaur

# install from AUR
su build -c 'pacaur --noconfirm -S python-flask-git'

# build from a custom PKGBUILD via github
WORKDIR /build
RUN git clone
WORKDIR /build/git-package
RUN makepkg --noconfirm -sri

# build from local PKGBUILD
COPY PKGBUILD /build/local-package/PKGBUILD
WORKDIR /build/local-package
RUN makepkg --noconfirm -sri

# remove build user
USER root
RUN userdel -r build && rm /home/build
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