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Jekyll 3.0 (BETA) running in a Docker container
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Jekyl 3.0 (BETA) running in a Docker container

What's in the container?

Well, this is a running target, but for now:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 including native build environment (build-essential)
  • Python 2.7.6
  • Ruby 2.2
  • NodeJS 0.12.7
  • Jekyll 3.0.0 beta 8 with various plugins


When using in interactive mode with the settings from '':

## change directory to the mount point 
cd /project

## generate skeleton in new subdirectory demo (must be done only once)
## If you wish to install jekyll into the current directory, you can do so by 
## alternatively running "jekyll new ." instead of a new directory name

jekyll new demo
cd demo

## IMPORTANT: serve website on all ips
jekyll serve -H

The setting -H is necessary, otherwise you won't see anything from outside the container. If you use jekyll in interactive mode you can call just js which is an alias for jekyll serve -H

Now navigate from outside to localhost:4000 or and you will see the generated website.

Next Steps


  • Highlighter pygments doesn't well behave on slow systems (it crashes jekyll with some weird error message). Environment variable MENTOS_TIMEOUT can be used to give the highlighter more time for its job. This image sets MENTOS_TIMEOUT to 20 (default:8) in /home/app.bashrc.

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