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Docker exec Fast-Purge Akamai in background
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From Git : akamai-open/api-kickstart
This repositarie is only dedicated to Docker and optimize for Fast-Purge in Python
Docker api-kickstart can running in background (in next example, initialize with Docker-compose)

Before start installation for Fast-Purge please read OPEN API Administration Application for download Exporting Client Credentials


Source directory

Create directory to contain client credentials and list url purge :

  • filename "cc.txt" -> client credentials
  • filename "list_urls" -> list URL to purge
  • filename "config_purge" -> hostname and network
    Sample file for list_url :
    Sample file for config_purge :
    network=staging (or production)

Launch Docker

Docker line

docker run -d -v /your/path/with/config:/var/local --name api-akamai sysC0D/api-kickstart


 image: "sysC0D/api-kickstart"
 restart: always
 - /your/path/with/config:/var/local:rw

Configure Docker

After first launch Docker, your .edgerc is generated automatically -> for more information, please see doc
For verify your configuration, please run :
docker exec -it api-akamai python
If you have problem please update your cc.txt and run next commands :
docker exec -it api-akamai python -s default -f /var/local/cc.txt
docker exec -it api-akamai python -s ccu -f /var/local/cc.txt

Launch Purge

Just exec next command, and if you have code 201 this is a success \0/
docker exec -it api-akamai /src/

Docker Pull Command
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