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Host Activity Monitoring using Sysdig Event Filtering
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Sysdig Falco

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Sysdig Falco is a behavioral activity monitor designed to detect anomalous activity in your applications. Powered by sysdig’s system call capture infrastructure, falco lets you continuously monitor and detect container, application, host, and network activity... all in one place, from one source of data, with one set of rules.

What kind of behaviors can Falco detect?

Falco can detect and alert on any behavior that involves making Linux system calls. Thanks to Sysdig's core decoding and state tracking functionality, falco alerts can be triggered by the use of specific system calls, their arguments, and by properties of the calling process. For example, you can easily detect things like:

  • A shell is run inside a container
  • A container is running in privileged mode, or is mounting a sensitive path like /proc from the host.
  • A server process spawns a child process of an unexpected type
  • Unexpected read of a sensitive file (like /etc/shadow)
  • A non-device file is written to /dev
  • A standard system binary (like ls) makes an outbound network connection

How Falco Compares to Other Security Tools like SELinux, Auditd, etc.

One of the questions we often get when we talk about Sysdig Falco is “How does it compare to other tools like SELinux, AppArmor, Auditd, etc. that also have security policies?”. We wrote a blog post comparing Falco to other tools.


Visit the wiki for full documentation on falco.

Join the Community

  • Contact the official mailing list for support and to talk with other users.
  • Follow us on Twitter for general falco and sysdig news.
  • This is our blog, where you can find the latest falco posts.
  • Join our Public Slack channel for sysdig and falco announcements and discussions.

License Terms

Falco is licensed to you under the GPL 2.0 open source license.

Contributor License Agreements


As we did for sysdig, we are formalizing the way that we accept contributions of code from the contributing community. We must now ask that contributions to falco be provided subject to the terms and conditions of a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). The CLA comes in two forms, applicable to contributions by individuals, or by legal entities such as corporations and their employees. We recognize that entering into a CLA with us involves real consideration on your part, and we’ve tried to make this process as clear and simple as possible.

We’ve modeled our CLA off of industry standards, such as the CLA used by Kubernetes. Note that this agreement is not a transfer of copyright ownership, this simply is a license agreement for contributions, intended to clarify the intellectual property license granted with contributions from any person or entity. It is for your protection as a contributor as well as the protection of falco; it does not change your rights to use your own contributions for any other purpose.

For some background on why contributor license agreements are necessary, you can read FAQs from many other open source projects:

As always, we are grateful for your past and present contributions to falco.

What do I need to do in order to contribute code?

Individual contributions: Individuals who wish to make contributions must review the Individual Contributor License Agreement and indicate agreement by adding the following line to every GIT commit message:

falco-CLA-1.0-signed-off-by: Joe Smith

Use your real name; pseudonyms or anonymous contributions are not allowed.

Corporate contributions: Employees of corporations, members of LLCs or LLPs, or others acting on behalf of a contributing entity, must review the Corporate Contributor License Agreement, must be an authorized representative of the contributing entity, and indicate agreement to it on behalf of the contributing entity by adding the following lines to every GIT commit message:

 falco-CLA-1.0-contributing-entity: Full Legal Name of Entity
 falco-CLA-1.0-signed-off-by: Joe Smith <>

Use a real name of a natural person who is an authorized representative of the contributing entity; pseudonyms or anonymous contributions are not allowed.

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