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A very small atlassian-jira container based on alpine
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A very small and configurable Docker Container with Atlassian JIRA Software

A very small Atlassian-Jira Container based on Alpine. You can configure the Database Login and the Database Driver. You can choose between 2 drivers. MySQL or MariaDB. Default is MySQL.


Edit the file config.env.dist and save this as config.env in your favorite path. The name of the file does not matter. The file must have the ending env. You can edit the mysql- username, password, hostname, database and driver.

The database that you have entered must already exist on your database host. But it can be empty.

Please note that the database hostname must be the same as the one used in the docker run --link parameter

Currently allowed values for database driver are:

  • mariadb
  • mysql (Default)


Container Version Jira Version MySQL Driver Version MariaDB Driver Version
latest 7.2.6 5.1.38 1.3.7
develop 7.2.7 5.1.38 1.3.7
7.2.6 7.2.6 5.1.38 1.3.7
7.2.4 7.2.4 5.1.38 1.3.7
7.2.3 7.2.3 5.1.38 1.3.7
docker run --detach --name jira  -p 8080:8080 --link mysql:mysql --env-file config.env sysreport/jira


  • [ ] create docker-compose file
  • [ ] expand testing for circleCI
  • [ ] expand testing for travisCI
  • [x] check for database driver in docker-entrypoint
  • [ ] check if connecting data for database exists and switch to alternativ config or delete the dbconfig.xml file
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