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A small MySQL Container based on Alpine
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This is a docker container with mysql. The intention to build this container is to make it as small as possible. Therefore, this container is based on alpine.


You must set the MYSQL_USER and the MYSQL_PASS variable. Create a empty folder on your local storage and set this to your_local_path.

docker build -t sysreport/mysql . # build the container
docker run --detach --name mysql -v <your_local_path>:/var/lib/mysql -e "MYSQL_USER=<your_user>" -e "MYSQL_PASS=<your_pass>" -p 3306:3306 sysreport/mysql # start the container
docker exec -i -t mysql /bin/bash # log in the container

Ok, the run command is very long. Its time to use a Makefile or Env Var's.


Container Version MariaDB Version MySQL Version
latest 10.1.18 5.5.5
develop 10.1.18 5.5.5
0.1 10.1.18 5.5.5


  • [ ] create docker-compose file
  • [ ] expand testing for circleCI
  • [ ] expand testing for travisCI
  • [ ] parameterized the file for use with env vars or docker-compose
    • [ ] databases to create
    • [ ] binlog_format value (ROW, STATEMENT, INDIVIDUAL)
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