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Light-weight Minecraft Server Image
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mincreaft-alpine : Minecraft Server on Alpine Linux


  • Light-weight: about 110MB.
  • Complying with Copyright: does NOT include a server program.
  • Useful options: selecting a version, the number of threads for GC, etc.


$ docker build -t minecraft-server:latest --rm=true .


A "--tty" option is required because a launcher script requires it.


# enable --tty, --interactive
$ docker run -t -i \
    -e EULA=1 \
    -e GCTHREADS=4 \
    -p 25565:25565 \
    -v /opt/docker_volumes/minecraft-xxxx:/srv/minecraft \
    -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \


  • To agree to Minecraft license: -e EULA=1 (default: 0 = do NOT agree)
  • Port assignment: -p HOST_PORT:CONTAINER_PORT
  • Volume mounting: -v HOST_DIR:CONTAINER_DIR
  • # of Threads for GC: -e GCTHREADS=4 (default: 1)
  • Selecting version: -e VERSION=1.7.3 (default: latest-release)
    • If you specified latest-release or latest-snapshot, a program will be automatically updated whenever this image starts.
  • Specifying a jar file: -e EXEC_JAR=forge-1.7.10- (default: latest version of program)
    • If you specify this, you should download a jar manually and add it to a container or place it on a mountpoint to /srv/minecraft.
  • Heap size: -e MAX_HEAP=2048M (default: 1024M), -e MIN_HEAP=512M (default: 512M)
  • To detach : Ctrl-p Ctrl-q (if you created a container with -i option)
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