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Docker image for (Dockernize) digdag.
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Docker digdag


Docker image for (Dockernize) digdag.
digdag is a workflow engine.
If you want to know about digdag more, please read the Official Document.


  • Easy to use :)


  • Docker for Mac / Windows


You have to install dogdag command.

$ curl | sh
You can now use `docdag` command.
Run `docdag help` to get started!

docdag command is shell script wrapper for docker run command.
You can easy to use szyn/docker-digdag image.
But if you don't want to install dogdag commnad, you can use following command instead of that.

$ docker run -it -p 65432:65432 --name docker-digdag \
--rm -v `pwd`:/src szyn/docker-digdag:latest \
java -jar /usr/local/bin/digdag <help>

Create a New Project

$ mkdir /path/to/your/project
$ cd /path/to/your/project
$ docdag init <dir>

Runs Workflow

$ docdag run <workflow.dig> [+task] [options...]

Server Mode

If you want to try server mode, you can do this :)

$ docdag server --memory -b

Now, you can access to Web UI !
Please open following address.

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