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Nginx reverse proxy for docker registry, that automatically generates valid SSL cert.
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Docker Registry 2.0 Proxy

Use this image to run Docker Registry 2.0 behind nginx proxy, with SSL and basic_auth enabled.


First run official Docker Registry 2.0 container:

docker run --name registry registry:2.0

Then run the proxy:

docker run -p 443:443 \
    -e DOMAIN="" \
    -e ENV="production" \
    --link docker-registry:registry \

Environment Variables

  • REGISTRY_HOST ... hostname of the registry container
  • REGISTRY_PORT ... port number of the registry container
  • SERVER_NAME ... nginx server_name directive value
  • DOMAIN ... external hostname of the nginx container (needed for auto SSL generation)
  • EMAIL ... email address to register SSL certificate with
  • HTPASSWD_USER ... username for registry basic auth
  • HTPASSWD_PASS ... password for registry basic auth
  • ENV ... set this to 'production' to enable real certificate


edit / script for resolving the container hostname at runtime

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