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Mofichan is an extensible chatbot currently under development.
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Mofichan is a chatbot under recent development.

Unlike other chatbots, the goal isn't to just provide her with utility functions but to give her a personality as well. Currently, Mofichan only works on Discord.


Mofichan can be obtained either by cloning this repository or by pulling a "tagc/mofichan" image from Docker Hub.

In either case, you will need to supply certain configuration values before Mofichan can run. These values can either be specified
in a JSON file or provided as environment variables. Look at the /config-templates folder to see how to do this.

If you're planning to clone the repo and build/run Mofichan directly from source, the recommended approach would be to copy
./config-templates/mofichan.config.json.template to ./mofichan.config.json and fill in the blanks.

If you're planning to pull mofichan straight from Docker, the recommended approach would be to copy ./config-templates/mofichan.config.env.template
to ./mofichan.config.env, fill in the blanks and run::

docker run -it --env-file mofichan.config.env tagc/mofichan:dev-latest


Mofichan is designed with a modular architecture. This makes it simpler to extend her to incorporate new behaviours and operate on different platforms.

Her backend architecture is based around the template method pattern <>_; a general template is provided for joining rooms, leaving rooms, sending messages, etc. and backends specialised for a particular platform (like Discord) fill in the blanks.

Her behaviour architecture is based around the chain of responsibility pattern <>_, in which different aspects of her behaviour are segregated into different "behaviour modules" that can be chained together at runtime and operate independently of one another. When Mofichan receives messages, they pass through the behaviour chain and each behaviour is given a chance to perform processing on it, form a response or skip the remainder of the chain.

Behaviour modules can also perform "background" logic to allow Mofichan to perform actions independent of arriving messages.

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