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Tageler API server
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Tageler API

This project is the backend part of the Tageler app, which is created for Pfadicorps Patria Bern.
Its purpose is to provide the possibility to manage so-called 'tagelers', thus events for members of the Pfadicoprs Patria Bern.


  • Install NodeJS
  • Install and run MongoDB
  • Alternatively: Use docker


git clone
cd tageler-api
npm install

Run Tests

Run tests with
npm test
bash ./node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha if in package.json the script

"scripts": {
    "test": "mocha"

is missing


Variable Description Default
MONGODB_PORT_27017_TCP_ADDR MongoDB hostname, the ip/host this points to needs to run MongoDB on port 27017 localhost
MONGODB_DATABASE_NAME Name of MongoDB database to use for tageler tageler


Website Description Technology Honour to
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Postman Talk to API's over a chrome-plugin GET / POST Artthik
Tutorial: Create a REST API Create REST API using Node.js, mongoose and restify NodeJS, restify, Mongoose Artthik
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Entity Name in API
Titel title
Trupp unit
Antreten start
Abtreten end
Mitnehmen bringAlong
Tenue uniform
Bild picture
Abmelden checkout
Abmelden bis checkout.deadline
Übungsfrei free

Important files and directories

File/Folder Purpose
src/ Contains all models, routes and services.
src/app.js Initializes the app and glues everything together.
src/server.js Contains the port number and starts the server.
node_modules/ The npm packages installed with the npm install command.
test/ Contains the unit-tests.
.travis.yml This file specifies the programming language used, the desired building and testing environment and various other parameters.
gulpfile.babel.js Contains the gulp tasks.
package.json Identifies npmpackage dependencies for the project.


Copyright © 2017 Pfadicorps Patria Bern



  • Ramona Beck
  • Balthasar Hofer
  • Kevin Meister
  • Sven Schmid
  • Artthik Sellathurai
  • Flurin Trübner


  • Lucas Bickel
  • Mathias Petermann
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