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Base docker image to run nginx-openresty


To create the image takumakanari/openresty-docker, execute the following command on the openresty-docker directory:

docker build -t takumakanari/openresty-docker 1.7/

Then run the image and execute python:

docker run takumakanari/openresty-docker

openresty-docker is mounting volume /etc/nginx.conf to add your configuration files.
You can add configuration file into it directory like as follows:

mkdir /path/to/your/conf && touch /path/to/your/conf/your_server.conf

After add server into configuration file, run container as follows:

docker run -p "<PORT>:<PORT>" -v "/path/to/your/conf:/etc/nginx/conf.d" takumakanari/openresty-docker

See logs

By Default, openresty-docker writes logs into /dev/{stdout,stderr}.

docker logs CONTAINER


Config/custom directories for Lua.

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