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Private bower registry with third party cache
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Private bower registry with caching

This docker image sets up a private bower registry which caches third party packages.

All data is stored in the /data volume which should be mounted somewhere persistent.

The ports 5678, 6789 and 7891 should be mapped one-to-one.

The docker image need to know which IP/hostname it can be reached on. This is done by specifying the ADDRESS environment variable at launch.

docker run -e ADDRESS=my-bower-registry \
           -v /somewhere/to/store/stuff:/data \
           -p 5678:5678 -p 6789:6789 -p 7891:7891 \


In your client project add the registry to your .bowerrc file:

    "registry": "http://my-bower-registry:5678"
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Comments (2)
2 years ago

@chrisfelix82 this issue should be fixed in the latest build. There was a build released which did not work if used with a clean data folder.

2 years ago

Why does the server not automatically pull from public repository? I am getting for instance:

chris$ bower install angular-mocks --save
bower cached git://
bower validate 1.1.0 against git://
bower ENOTFOUND Package angular-mocks not found