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Short Description
This image has core applications used by the Tangerine application.
Full Description

Tangerine support environment

It installs some utilities for fetching files on top of ubuntu 14.04,
sets Tangerine env. vars., and then the core applications used by Tangerine.

The JDK/Android part of this dockerfile is based on bprodoehl/android-dev. Kudos!

A default Couchdb admin is created using the environment vars in the dockerfile.


  • ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Nodejs (Node.js v4.2.0 "Argon")
  • nginx
  • Couchdb (from ppa:couchdb/stable)
  • Couchapp
  • RVM, Ruby ruby-2.2.0 - rvmsudo_secure_path=1
  • Bundler
  • Ubuntu default-jdk JDK 7 (openjdk)
  • Android SDK r24.4.1
  • Android tools - android-22


You can either pull from tangerine/docker-tangerine-support:

docker pull tangerine/docker-tangerine-support
docker run -i -t tangerine/docker-tangerine-support /bin/bash

or add it to your Dockerfile:

FROM tangerine/docker-tangerine-support


Docker Pull Command