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  1. apt-get install debootstrap

  2. debootstrap --arch=i386 trusty /home/thm/docker/min_os/ubuntu_i386/

  3. cd /home/thm/docker/min_os/ubuntu_i386/
    tar -c . | docker import - tanghuimin0713/ubuntu_i386

  4. docker tag ee57f53fe012 tanghuimin0713/ubuntu_i386:14.04

  5. docker push tanghuimin0713/ubuntu_i386

1). "/home/thm/docker/min_os/ubuntu_i386/" is my directory to store ubuntu filesystem, change it to your actual directory.
2). "tanghuimin0713/ubuntu_i386" is the form of "user name/image name", change it to your actual user name and image name.

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