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A simple web server for serving markdown files
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Servemd makes it simple and fast to serve one or more markdown files without the build process required by static site generators. Servemd can be used for quick local viewing or to serve content to thousands of visitors.


Environment Variable Description Default Value
BASIC_AUTH Username and password for HTTP basic authentication. In the form of user1:pass1,user2:pass2 None
X_ROBOTS_TAG Sets a X-Robots-Tag header. Example: "noindex, nofollow" None
DOCUMENT_EXTENSION Extension used for markdown files .md
DIRECTORY_INDEX Filename (without extension) to use for directory indexes index
MARKDOWN_THEME Theme to use for styling markdown. Can be one of the following built-in themes: clean, github, developer or the path to a custom CSS file to include. clean
TYPEKIT_KIT_ID Kit ID to include webfonts from the Typekit service. For use alongside a custom markdown theme.
CODE_THEME Syntax highlighting theme (powered by highlight.js) None

Using as a Base Image

The tantalic/servemd docker image can be used as a base for deployment. To create an image simply add your content to /content and configure via environment variables in your Dockerfile:

FROM tantalic/servemd:v0.6.0

ENV CODE_THEME solarized-dark

ADD content /content
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