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Interactive Tarantool web console.

Turn Tarantool into an HTTP server and a load balancer and provide an interactive Lua console to a bunch of Tarantool instances running in a Linux container.


You can start on your host with Docker:

docker build -t try .
docker run --rm -t -i --privileged -p 8080:11111 try

Then point your browser to localhost:8080


You can start tarantool-try on your host.

git clone

Build docker image:

cd /try/container/
sudo docker build -t tarantool .

Add user to group docker:

sudo echo usermod -a -G docker $USER

Start try-tarantool web server:

tarantool start.lua

Web server runs on localhost:11111 by default.
You can change host, port and tarantool configuration in start.lua

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