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[Vagrant] and [Docker] images for Casio Prizm program development, with
(appropriately-configured) GCC, libfxcg and mkg3a.

Has one user (jenkins) and runs sshd.

Replace the included SSH key (id_rsa, with your own key if
it's going to be publicly accessible.
(Hint: ssh-keygen.)


Set JENKINS_PASSWD at docker runtime to set the password for the jenkins
user to the specified value.


The included Vagrantfile will suffice to get you up and running with access
to the tools. Putting together a nice way to integrate with the virtual machine
is left as an exercise to the reader.

$ vagrant up --provider=docker
$ vagrant ssh
$ prizm-gcc --version

Note that this should work on any machine, not just Linux hosts where Docker
is natively available.

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