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Short Description
Oracle JDK 8 docker image with only compiler and JVM. To be used as base image for SBT docker image.
Full Description

OracleJDK 8 Docker image

This image is based on Alpine Linux image, which is only a 5MB image, and contains
OracleJDK 8.

JDK bundle contains lots of unnecessary for Docker image stuff, so it was cleaned up. There are 3
tags: full (only src tarballs get removed), cleaned (desktop parts get cleaned), slim
(everything but compiler and jvm is removed). master branch refers to slim tag, but latest
tag points to cleaned.

slim (master branch) download image size is:

cleaned (latest tag) download image size is:

full download image size is:

Consider using develar/java image (~120MB) if you only need JRE (you can run
java applications, but cannot build/compile them).

Usage Example

$ echo 'public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello World"); } }' >
$ docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)":/mnt --workdir /mnt frolvlad/alpine-oraclejdk8:slim sh -c "javac && java Main"

Once you have run this command you will get printed 'Hello World' from Java!

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