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Play 2.3.9 container
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Play container running on oracce java 8 in ubuntu 14.04.

In Order to use play container:
Use following empty play app:

Dockerize your play app as follows:

add Dockerfile of your play app in folder called dist. Contents of Dockerfile will be as follows :

Copy the relevant parts of the new app build output from the play stage command into the container (target/universal/stage/)

COPY bin/<projectname> /app/bin/launch
COPY conf /app/conf

Note: the base container already has the 130+MB of play jar files installed in the /app/lib folder, only copy app specific jars

COPY lib /app/lib

Application launches with /app as current directory


Expose http port


CMD ["/app/bin/launch"]

run following commands before doing a docker build.

rm -rf dist/bin/ dist/conf/ dist/lib/
activator clean compile stage
cp -r target/universal/stage/bin/ dist/
cp -r target/universal/stage/lib/ dist/
cp -r target/universal/stage/conf/ dist/

Docker Pull Command