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Docker-in-Docker Service

This aims to offer docker as a service running in docker with a proxy validating
that containers created are unprivileged, have no capabilities and don't mount
anything from host.

So even though the dind-service runs in --privileged mode anyone with access
to the proxied docker daemon socket should only be able to run unprivileged
containers. This way it should be reasonably safe to expose the proxied docker
daemon socket to untrusted parties.

# Build image
docker build -t dind-service .

# Create volumes folder on host that we can mount in, for AUFS to use in the
# container. This is easier to clean-up than docker data-volumes.
mkdir -p volumes run

# Run dind-service
sudo docker run \
            --privileged \
            -v `pwd`/volumes:/var/lib/docker \
            -v `pwd`/run:/opt/dind-service/run \
            -p 2375:2375 \
            dind-service \

# Remove volumes from host
sudo rm -rf volumes/ run/ && mkdir -p volumes run

Upgrading Docker

To update the docker daemon inside this container we have to upgrade Alpine
Linux version (or rebuild docker manually), either way when upgrading docker
it's important to validate that the new remote API doesn't expose new ways to
elevate container permissions. If so we must adopt to proxy to restrict these

Accessing Proxied Docker Socket

By default the proxied docker socket is exposed as port 2375 of the container,
and as /opt/dind-service/run/docker.sock inside the container. So you can
--link it into other containers, etc. However, when the proxied docker socket
is exposed through port 2375 all sub-containers can access this docker socket
too. So if you run untrusted docker containers inside the dind-service, you
should disable port exposure using PORT=''.


This project based on the orignal docker-in-docker project

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