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backend development
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Taste Tastic - Backend and Admin

This code meet the main architectural qualities attributes for scalable web applications:

  • High availability and classical architectural concepts
  • Continuous evolution approach

Why this together?

The concept of this structure is to be scalable development sharing components on server and client side, in the future it proposed to wrapper mobile applications.

Main concepts

React GraphQL and Relay NoSql
Web Components Growth Design Scales linearly with massive write

GraphQL and React

The evolution of data fetch is declarative data fetch paradigm in order to clarify the communication between applications and enhance simplicity

Organizations working in disparate domains are independently discovering patterns for building software that look the same. These systems are more robust, more resilient, more flexible and better positioned to meet modern demands.


The system responds in a timely manner if at all possible.


The system stays responsive in the face of failure.


The system stays responsive under varying workload.

Message Driven

Reactive Systems rely on asynchronous message-passing to establish a boundary between components that ensures loose coupling, isolation and location transparency.

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