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Tiny Core Linux 8.x, 7.x and 6.x base image less than 10MB
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Tiny Core Linux Docker Image

This provides a very small CLI system image based on Tiny Core Linux developed at The Core Project. It contains following Core x86/x86_64 packages

  • rootfs.gz (or rootfs64.gz): contains base system binaries and a file system layout
  • squashfs-tools.tcz: contains a squashfs builder and expander

These original packages are found under

and Dockerfile of these images are found at


The easiest way to install the image is pulling it from Docker Hub repositories like following

docker pull tatsushid/tinycore:8.0-x86


docker pull tatsushid/tinycore:8.0-x86_64


Just run

docker run -it tatsushid/tinycore:8.0-x86


docker run -it tatsushid/tinycore:8.0-x86_64

To install tcz packages into the container and use them, please run tce-load command in it like following

tce-load -wic bash.tcz

or run the container with privilege mode like following

docker run -it --privileged tatsushid/tinycore:8.0-x86

Once it starts with privilege mode, you can run the package manager like


Building an image based on this image

Now Docker doesn't support privilege mode at image building but this image includes patched tce-load which works without privilege mode by using unsquashfs internally instead of mounting squashfs on a loop back device so to install packages, please use tce-load with -c option

If you need an example, please see my tinycore-ruby or tinycore-python Dockerfile

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