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Unofficial image of Multi Channel Systems MC_DataTool to convert .mcd files to .raw
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How to use

To run, simply mount the local directory containing .mcd files (for example "~/mea_recordings") to the container's /data directory.

docker run -v ~/mea_recordings:/data tbenst/mcd

The image will recursively look for .mcd files and convert the electrical channels to .raw. The analog channels will be processed separately into a .analog channel. This design choice makes it easy to run spike sorting software like Spyking Circus on the .raw file, while retaining the analog channels for analysis.

For developers

See github

Legal Notice

Please note that MC_Datatool is proprietary software. Please see the following manual for its terms of use. No license is provided for MC_DataTool and no restrictions are made in the manual on the distribution of the software. However, "no actions can be taken to decompile, reverse engineer, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the software."

The executable file packaged here is identical to this download link.

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