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Dockerfile for building an easy-to-use NodeJs docker container.


  • No rebuilds necessary when only the application code changed and not the package.json file.
  • The docker-node-easy images are mainly intended for development and testing purposes.
  • Based on debian:wheezy.
  • Most NodeJs packages should be able to be built from scratch, because Debian's build-essential packages are installed.

How to use

  • Make sure that the package.json file of your NodeJs project contains a main entry.
  • In your NodeJs project's root directory (there where the package.json file is), create a file called Dockerfile and add one line to it (NOTE: change <version> to the required version tag, e.g. '0.1'):
    FROM tbknl/node-easy:<version>
  • You can of course add more lines to the dockerfile, for example to expose a network port or add an environment variable.
  • Assuming that your docker daemon is running, run (from your project's root directory):
    docker build -t <your_project_name> .
  • Now run your NodeJs program as follows:
    docker run -v $(pwd):/var/app/src <your_project_name> <arguments>

Note that the arguments to your node application are directly supplied to the docker-run command. That is because the entrypoint for the node application is already set in the dockerfile. If you want to run a different command on the docker container, then use docker run --entrypoint <command> ... instead.

Rebuilding the docker-node-easy image is only necessary when the package.json file changes, most notably the list of dependency packages. Changes in the application code do not need a rebuild of the docker image. But because docker reuses cached images when building, you can run the docker-build command every time before running the docker-run command.

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