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Opticks is an expandable remote sensing and imagery analysis software platform.
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Opticks Docker Image

Builds a docker image containing Opticks along with the spectral extension.

Building with the default paramters will install the latest production release of Opticks. Build a different version
by specifying --build-arg opticks_version=4.12.0 etc. The following build args are known:

  • opticks_version the version string for Opticks
  • opticks_rpm the RPM name, includes the RPM revision and any other specifics (such as noldap)
  • opticks_url the url to download the RPM.
  • spectral_version the version string for the spectral extension
  • spectral_url the url or path to download the AEB. If you have a local copy, specify it by overriding this value.

Running opticks batch

A /wizards volume is defined. You'll typically want to volume mount your wizard files here. You may also want to volume
mount some data.

The default behavior is to execute /wizards/wizard.batchwiz in OpticksBatch.
Specify a different wizard to the run command with -input:/wizards/mywizard.batchwiz or specify other OpticksBatch arguments.

Running the opticks GUI

You can also run the Opticks GUI if your host has an X11 server.

Start opticks with docker run -d -e DISPLAY=my-host-ip:0 --entrypoint /opt/Opticks/Bin/Opticks opticks

You'll need to allow connections from the docker image. This can be done with xhost + but this is very insecure so it's preferable to use xauth or at least limit connections to the docker IP.
A good compromise is to do:

my_ip= # set your local machine's IP address here
xhost +${my_ip}
docker run -v $(pwd):/wizards -d -e DISPLAY=${my_ip}:0 --net=host --entrypoint /opt/Opticks/Bin/Opticks opticks
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