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Alpine based image of owncloud for raspberrypi
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Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links:

Sqlite and mysql are supported.


  • User data: /var/www/html/data
  • Extra apps: /var/www/html/apps
  • Configuration: /var/www/html/config

Port: only 80. You can add https in apache configuration or by adding traefik reverse proxy who supports Let's Encrypt (see here and here).

Environment variables:

  • OC_DBTYPE: sqlite or mysql (default value: "sqlite")
  • OC_DBNAME: sqlite filename or mysql database (default value: "owncloud")
  • OC_DBUSER: user for mysql connection (default value: "owncloud")
  • OC_DBPASS: password for mysql connection (default value: "owncloud")
  • OC_DBHOST: host for mysql connection (default value: "database")
  • OC_DBTABLEPREFIX: table prefix (default value: "oc_")
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