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A docker image of proftpd for RaspberryPi, based on sdhibit/rpi-raspbian:jessie
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You can provide your users list by mounting file at /users with the format :

user password home_dir

The home_dir can be a mounted volume from the host.

Active Mode

The active mode of FTP require to publish the port 21 of the container.

docker run --name proftpd -d -p 21:21 -v /path/to/your/users:/users tcoupin/rpi-proftpd

Passive Mode

In this mode, the container must publish port 50000 to 50050 (see proftpd.conf). Since docker use NAT to publish port, you have to tell to proftpd your host ip (or your public ip). An example is in conf.d. Mount the conf.d at /proftpd/conf.d (see custom conf section bellow).

docker run --name proftpd -d -p 21:21 -p 50000-50050:50000-50050 -v $(pwd)/conf.d:/proftpd/conf.d -v /path/to/your/users:/users tcoupin/rpi-proftpd

Custom Proftpd configuration

Proftpd read his configuration in /etc/prodtpd. You can provide your own configuration in /proftpd to override the configuration.

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