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A kubernetes cron runner.
Full Description

This is a basic implementation of the Kubernetes CronJob spec. It is intended
to be used temporarily on clusters where alpha resources cannot be enabled,
such as GKE until CronJobs exit


  1. Create the third party CronJob resource on your cluster.

    kubectl apply -f

  2. Run the kubernetes-cron deployment on your cluster (in the default namespace).

    kubectl apply -f

  3. Create a CronJob object in your cluster based on the
    spec, with one
    exception. Change apiVersion to An example
    can be found in example-cron-job.yaml.


This project consists of the following pieces:

  • A 3rd party
    cronjob resource that allows the creation of cronjob items in your cluster.
  • A kubernetes-cron pod watches for new cronjobs, and creates child jobs based
    on the cron interval specified.

Known Limitations

  • There is no automated cleanup process to delete old jobs, which may result in
    performance issues with cronjobs that run frequently.
  • SSL certs are not properly verified when connecting to the API.
  • This is intended to loosely follow the alpha CronJob spec. Please open an
    issue if any issues are found.
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