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Ubuntu 14.04 images with PostgreSQL official packages and software required to perform tds_fdw CI
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What is this?

Just a set of Ubuntu 14.04 images with the official PostgreSQL packages that I am using at tds_fdw Continuous Integration environment.

Each image includes not just PostgreSQL, but psycopg and pymssql Python modules, sudo, gcc, freetds, make and and all the other requirements to build, install and test tds_fdw.

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How to launch:

docker run -t --name test -e "DB_NAME=mydbname" -e "DB_PASS=mydbpassword" tdsfdw/ubuntu12.04-postgresql:9.2

DB_NAME and DB_PASS are optional.

If DB_NAME is present, a database will be created when the container is launched.

If DB_PASSWORD is present, the specified password will be applied to the postgres user. Otherwise a random password will be created.

By default the container will expose port TCP 5432, and you will be able to access with the user postgresql

You can also specify volumes so /etc/postgresql, /var/log/postgresq and /var/lib/postgresql are external to the container.

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