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Base image for all the Framework Benchmarks Images
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WARNING: These builds are highly experimental and updated nightly from the git repository. Things may be broken!

This is the base image for all the other Framework Benchmark images. It includes an insecure public and private key that gets copied to all of them so that linking can be done easily.

To use, first install at least Docker 1.0 (lesser versions may work, but are not supported). Then, run the following commands:

$ sudo bash -c "docker pull techempower/tfbapp; docker pull techempower/tfbdata; docker pull techempower/tfbload"

This will take a long time (depending on your internet).

When ready to run, run the following command:

$ sudo bash -c "docker run -dti --name tfbdata techempower/tfbdata; docker run -dti --name tfbload techempower/tfbload; sleep 20; docker run -ti --name tfbapp --link tfbdata:tfbdata --link tfbload:tfbload techempower/tfbapp"

This will take about 30 seconds. When finished, you will be dumped into a shell that is ready to run the Framework Benchmarks. To verify, you can run the following:

$ toolset/ --name smoketest --test undertow --type all -m verify

After this initial setup, all that is required to enter the environment is the following:

$ sudo bash -c "docker start tfbdata; docker start tfbload; docker start -i tfbapp"

For editing files, you can use vi which is installed already, install your favorite editor from the repos, or mount a host directory in your container. Git is installed on the container, so all that is needed is to add a new remote, and then authentication can be done with https without any further setup. Keep in mind that the data is not persisted between sessions, so push all work to github/save before leaving the session.

NOTE: This image was last updated on 7-4-14.

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