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This is low footprint small docker image/container for I2PD. Around 20mb in size
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Maintained by Ross Leak
The I2PD version is latest/current as of docker latest push (26/03/17)

This version is for arm64 devices ONLY. This includes the Raspberry PI 3 / Pine64 and other devices which operate on the newer armv8 64 bit architecture.

This is a low footprint small docker image/container for I2PD. The container is around 8mb compressed to download and around 20mb in size when run. I was having issues with the official I2PD docker image and some other third party images with mapped ports being inaccessible on run. Therefore I decided to create my own.

I2PD is a full C++ implementation of the I2P privacy (darknet) network. It uses significantly less resources as does not run on top of a Java layer.

An example of running the container is the following which exposes all of the different service ports within I2PD. You can then access the web console at http://dockerserverIP:7070

docker run --name=techgodz-i2pd-arm64 -td -p 7070:7070 -p 4444:4444 -p 4447:4447 -p 9439:9439 -p 7656:7656 -p 2827:2827 -p 7654:7654 -p 7650:7650 -p 8834:8834 techgodz/docker-i2pd-arm64

Maintained by Ross Leak

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