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This is a C/C++ runner for CMake projects (based on GCC).

How to Use it

runner: techio/cmake-gcc-runner:1.1.0-gcc-7.1

Your project will be compiled one with:

cmake .

And on each run, make will be executed and the command specified in the markdown file will be executed.


In this example, the unit testing framework "Catch" is used. Here's the content of the CMakeLists.txt file:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.9)
project (tests)
add_executable(tests tests.cpp factorial.cpp factorial.h)

# Includes Catch in the project:
include_directories(${CATCH_INCLUDE_DIR} ${COMMON_INCLUDES})
enable_testing(true)  # Enables unit-testing.

add_dependencies(tests catch)

add_test(factorial ./tests [factorial])

Here's the stub (factorial.cpp):

unsigned int Factorial( unsigned int number ) {
    return number <= 1 ? number : Factorial(number-1)*number;

And the main file (tests.cpp):

#define CATCH_CONFIG_MAIN  // This tells Catch to provide a main() - only do this in one cpp file
#include "catch.hpp"
#include "factorial.h"

TEST_CASE( "Factorials are computed", "[factorial]" ) {
    REQUIRE( Factorial(1) == 1 );
    REQUIRE( Factorial(2) == 2 );
    REQUIRE( Factorial(3) == 6 );
    REQUIRE( Factorial(10) == 3628800 );

In the markdown file, you must specify the command used to execute your test.

@[Example]({"stubs": ["factorial.cpp"], "command": "./tests [factorial]"})
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