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Run DNS server using bind9 on Ubuntu 14.04
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Bind9 Nameserver


This image is intended to be a minimalistic image running the Bind9 DNS server on Ubuntu 14.04


Step 1: Download the image

On your docker host:

> docker pull technopreneural/docker-ubuntu-14.04-bind9

Step 2: Run a container.

On the your docker host:

> docker run -d --name bind9 \
-p 443:443 -p 8140:8140 -p 8142:8142 -p 61613:61613 \
-v /Users/user/Documents/bind:/etc/bind \

In the command above, we name the container bind9. We then bind port 53 to the same port on the host (recommended). We can also bind the volume /etc/bind to a folder on the host that contains your DNS configuration files (if you want to).

Step 3: Configure hosts

Docker Pull Command