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Run puppetserver on Ubuntu 14.04
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Puppet Server (Not Puppet Master)


Step 1: Download the image

On your docker host:

> docker pull technopreneural/docker-ubuntu-14.04-puppetserver

Step 2: Run a container.

On the your docker host:

> docker run -d --name puppetserver \
-p 443:443 -p 8140:8140 -p 8142:8142 -p 61613:61613 \
-v /Users/user/Downloads/puppet:/etc/puppetlabs/code \

In the command above, we name the container puppetserver. We then bind the exposed ports to the equivalent ports on the docker host (mandatory). We can also bind the volume to a folder if we want to (optional).

Step 3: Connect puppet nodes as necessary.

On your puppet node (e.g. Ubuntu 16.04):

> curl -O
> sudo dpkg -i puppetlabs-release-pc1-xenial.deb
> sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y puppet-agent
> sudo su -
# puppet agent --test
Info: Creating a new SSL key for ubuntu.localdomain 
Exiting; failed to retrieve certificate and waitforcert is disabled

In the first two lines above, we download and install repository information. Next we install the puppet-agent. In the last line, we manually register the puppet node with the puppetserver.

NOTE: For every node you register manually, you need to accept on the puppetserver by manually signing the certificates for each node.

On the puppetserver:

> sudo su -
# puppet cert list
  "ubuntu.localdomain" (SHA256) FF:88:97:DC:AF:A8:BD:0D:6F:98:33:EB:BA:38:94:EB:55:0E:BF:EF:04:5D:27:BF:E7:39:FB:82:8F:4B:94:75

# puppet cert sign ubuntu.localdomain

In the above, we first list down all certificate signing requests from new nodes. Then, we sign the request.

On the puppet node, you can test:

> puppet agent --test
Signing Certificate Request for:
  "ubuntu.localdomain" (SHA256) FF:88:97:DC:AF:A8:BD:0D:6F:98:33:EB:BA:38:94:EB:55:0E:BF:EF:04:5D:27:BF:E7:39:FB:82:8F:4B:94:75
Notice: Signed certificate request for ubuntu.localdomain
Notice: Removing file Puppet::SSL::CertificateRequest ubuntu.localdomain at '/etc/puppetlabs/puppet/ssl/ca/requests/ubuntu.localdomain.pem'
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